What it takes to become a court reporter

Court reporting is never an easy profession. Though it does not require an excellent knowledge of the law, reporters are expected to be equipped with technical understanding of judicial procedures and other relevant administrative processes. In all instances of criminal and civil action reporting, the transcript of stenographic notes are essential files that are indispensable specially when a particular case is submitted to appellate courts. In order to obtain the minutes of a case, reporters are faced with tremendous pressure due to the demands of real-time and speedy reporting. This is the key reason why the requirements for employment in this type of career includes proper training verification and hands-on examination. Certain websites such as http://www.courtreporterhelp.com/ offer to assist dedicated court reporters by providing guides by way of publication. court reporter
The Court Reporter Song

If you are asking what the transcript of a superior court reporter is, then you would have to know that it is the word-for-word recorded file of any criminal proceedings like a litigation, complaint, hearings, deposition, arbitration, appeals, claims, and examination that has happened in court on a certain schedule calendar – and so that includes everything that has been said there including the words of witnesses, attorneys, judges, clerk, arbiters,litigants, coordinator, transcribers, interpreters, client, and everybody else who said something there. There will always be a court reporter who will do a transcript of the proceedings and not because there was a request or orders for one – it is his obligation to do so as part of his job. He also has to be very careful with everything that he does because in case there is a review of the case in any of the court’s judicial offices, the transcript will be the one that will be used and so the court docket file will hold his name on the sheet as part of the whole procedure. This document is part of the info on the FAQs of the said job and it is something that the gov had mandated for faster end of cases and it happens not be just in Washington but also in Indiana, California, Philadelphia, Oregon, Arizona, Arkansas, Miami, and Texas as well as other locations. That is why it is essential that a court reporter is not just somebody who has chosen this among many careers – there are standards that they have to follow that is why you have to be a graduate, must know discipline, grammar, directions, procedure, and regulations and meet the requirements to be part of the profession.

Like any other career, a certificate must be present at all times for reporters to even consider working in a judicial system that allows them to adequately gather data for reporting and for documentation. For instance, in the state of Arizona, a Court Reporter Standard Program must be followed and complied with in order for a person to begin with that chosen career. The person must be able to transcribe efficiently (word for word) any legal directory as this would serve as research for later cases. Continuing education for said career is also available by filing with the CE and the ACRA CE which involves examinations as well as captioning exercises to get the brain and the fingers in the right mood for said activity.

A report of Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a positive job outlook stenographers (source: http://www.courtreporterhelp.com/). According to statistics, court reporters are earning up to $60,760, however that salary range could still go up if a worker is willing to work overtime. Forbes Magazine listed “stenographer or court reporter” as one of the most sought job. Certified stenographers doesn’t just work in gov offices, they also provides realtime transcription for other events depending on the demand.

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